by / Sunday, 8 January 2017 / Published in Carpet Cleaning

So, you want to clean your own carpet and don’t know where to begin…heard that one before! As a carpet cleaner, we get questions from customers wanting advice on how to clean their own carpet. We also get the calls from “Do It Yourself” carpet cleaners to come and fix the mess they made from cleaning the carpet themselves. Yes, we get a mix of both and try to help where we can. To be honest, most consumers do not understand the carpet cleaning process or where to begin. Here’s the problem, the internet is full of bad information on “How To” carpet cleaning tips! First, do not believe everything you read on the internet! In my opinion, if your seeking advice on (For Example: Carpet Cleaning) then contact a local carpet cleaning company to get correct information that works! Yes, not all companies will take the time to explain the basics, but most will help where they can. If not, read this blog post! Cleaning your own carpet is NOT for everyone! As a matter of fact, the majority of calls we get are from upset (Do It Yourself) carpet cleaners that say “I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN” and would have saved money by outsourcing to a professional carpet cleaner. In all, they wasted tons of time and money! I get it, who wants to waste hard earned money to do it all over again. But, TV commercials make it look easy right? Just fill-up the (at home) carpet cleaner and go to town…whoo hoo! Next thing you know, you have stinky carpet that looks worse than before you cleaned it! Well, (consumer grade) carpet cleaners are meant for one thing only…SPOT CLEANING! Yep, they are not designed to clean large areas of carpet. Yes, I know, but the instructions say otherwise! Just fill-up the solution canister and clean away! If this is what your looking to do, then purchase an entry level (portable machine) for around $1500.00 to do exactly that. Even then, results are limited! Here’s my point, if your purchasing a carpet cleaning machine from a “Big Box” store then spot cleaning is all your going to get out of it…that’s all! As a carpet cleaner, this sounds bias, but I’m telling you…take my advice! My whole point here is to help, a $200.00 carpet cleaning machine isn’t going to do it! Did I mention, they have NO POWER…enough said! If your brave enough to tackle this on your own then here are some thing to look for when purchasing a (at home) carpet cleaner.
Purchase a carpet cleaning machine with a BIG VACUUM MOTOR…more amperage the better! Read the box for these details…
Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator is important, so you do not over wet the carpet and conserve cleaning solution.
Medium to large solution tank, so your not constantly refilling with cleaning solution.
Agitation brush needed, since consumer machines don’t have much power…needed for agitation.
Heater needed for hot solution.
GOOD WARRANTY…it will probably break if used often!
Cleaning Instructions:
Cleaning products used are important, mix them properly per the instructions…MORE IS NOT BETTER!
Read instructions, fill-up machine with solution, heat if equipped, begin to clean the soiled areas. I can only give basic advice here (most carpet cleaning machines operate differently)
Dry Stroking the carpet is important! This is where you vacuum the carpet with suction (only) produced by the machine. DO NOT USE SOLUTION WHILE DOING THIS…vacuum only! The point is to remove as much solution possible from the carpet for a better clean and to prevent wicking (where stains re-appear).
Continue these steps until desired results are achieved.
Dispose of waste water according to your local City and State laws.